Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The UberMom Cometh!

Yup, the UberMom is visiting, and we will hopefully hit up some fibre and fabric shops while she's here. Tangled Skeins, maybe Gaspereau Vally Fibres? LK is in the neighbourhood, and maybe we'll pop by The Loop, too. So much fibre, so little time!

In other news, I am dancing at Masq on Saturday the 22nd, and at Women Who Rock on June 5th, and it looks like there is a big Serpentine Circus show later on in June. So very exciting!

Also among the excitement is starting library school in the fall. Sweet ass. I'm going to be a kickin' librarian!


Alison said...

Better hurry up to visit TS, it's gettin' to be slim pickins' at the ol' yarn shoppe!

UberWench said...

Maybe this afternoon? Saturday at the latest!