Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The UberMom Has Left the Building

The UberMom came for another visit, and yesterday we went on our fibre tour of the Annapolis Valley. We hit the Avonport Discount Centre for awesome quilting fabrics, then the Just Us! in Grand Pre, and then finally Gaspereau Valley Fibres! I accidentally bought supplies to make quilts at Avonport, like I needed another hobby! At Gaspereau I bought two bags of Indonesian Silk Cocoons! They are so beautiful, I will have to take pictures of them. They look like the golden ghosts of leaves. I'm very excited about them, I think I will try dyeing them like the Yarn Wench does.

It's been a busy few days with the UberMom--we also ended up at Michael's while she was helping me look for a davenport for my den. I bought a dolphin no-count cross stitch to do for my boyfriend for his birthday. He pretends to hate dolphins really vehemently, so we all give him dolphin things for his birthday. I really want to find him one of those cheesy fleece blankets with some dolphins on them this year, too. His serious gift is going to be a proper martini shaker.

A davenport (or FlipFlip as they are sometimes called) was finally acquired at Ashley Furniture Warehouse. It will be ready sometime in October. It is red because Red Is Best.

The UberMom left early this morning. While it was still cool in the house I made two loaves of banana bread for my tattoo artist because I have an appointment today. I must love him a lot, my house is inching up to sauna again. Ick.

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