Sunday, November 11, 2007

Knitting Keeps me Sane!

Well, as sane as I ever am. I always need something to do with my hands, whether it's spinning, knitting, or something else. I can't even just sit and watch TV--I need to be doing something productive. I don't know if it's a compulsion, but I guess I feel like it's a waste of time if I'm sitting down in front of a show and I'm not actually DOING anything. TV isn't enough of a draw most times. When I was a kid, I would read and watch TV at the same time! I remember my dad getting angry with me for wasting electricity because he thought I wasn't paying attention to the TV so it didn't need to be on, but then I told him exactly what was going on in the show I was watching while reading, and he left me alone.

My friend Coyote says that if she's awake and there's not a beer in her hand, someone better be paying her, and I guess that's kind of like how I feel about working with my hands. If I'm awake and I'm not creating, I better be earning some money to keep a roof over my head. Or having sex. I just catn' have sex and knit at the same time either.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I'm Blogging thanks to Ravelry

One of the cool things about Ravelry is being able to link Blogger posts to it, and one's Flickr account. I guess I may as well take advantage of it!

I'm currently working on the Tiffany mittens from Knitty. I recently finished a sixth shawl, and my first Branching Out, also from Knitty.

I'm currently lacking any pictures, but perhaps I'll take some this weekend.