Friday, May 30, 2008


My lovely friend Erin is heading across the country this summer, and in true nomadic style has sold or given away most of her possessions. Before she left home, she sent me a box packed to the gills with fleece and top and rovings and batts. This box had no straight lines left to it, the poor abused thing!

Here is my bounty:

My Bounty!

(Please note that the red that is at the foot of my wheel and also dangling from the bobbin was not a part of the haul.)

Now, contained in those many many bags are some treasures, or so I hear tell. Angora/silk/wool blends, Romney, camel, to name but a few. And how excited am I? About as excited as this poor beleaguered box is empty:

The Empty Box


Stephanie N said...

Oh wow!!!! I am envious! ;)
Happy spinning!

UberWench said...

Thanks! Unfortunately, I had a project on the bobbin, and feel compelled to finish it. So all the new fibre is languishing...

Anonymous said...

Gasp! Wow. Camel? Angora/silk/wool?

Colour me jealous.

BTW: Just wanted to say thanks for giving an amazing guest class on Sunday! SO much fun, I'm still smiling about it today! We were all raving about you after you left :)