Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The UberMom Visits!

And we went to Gaspereau Valley Fibres, mecca of all fibre-y goodness. Between us we spent $200--some of hers was on fibre for me, and some fibre for me to spin up for her. We were in there at least an hour petting everything! UberMom also bought some yarn.

I've been spinning up a storm now that's it's not constantly gross and muggy. Hopefully there will be pictures soon.


Stephanie N said...

Yeah, I'm always in there for an hour or so, you kind of have to go around once to see everything, then again to pick out the few things you KNOW you're getting, then you wander around 3 or 4 more times picking up stuff as you go :P

AuntieTrish said...

Hi UberWench,
I'll be visiting again very shortly. I have some plastic storage boxes I can bring if you would like them for your sewing room. please let me know. I've enjoyed reading your blog. I'm going to learn how to do one myself. maybe you will have time to show me when I get there. Retirement is great. I can knit without guilt anf go when I want.yea! more yarn shops to visit.

~Matt~ said...

I was just up there and missed them as they had closed for the day.... oh well ....... ill get down there again and probably spend a Small Fortune!