Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Well, this weekend was quite productive knitting-wise. I managed to watch 30 hours of Torchwood/Doctor Who while completely ignoring the fact that it was Easter, which was awesome. I went yarn shopping on Saturday, scored a bunch of knitting needles for $10 at Value Village, got WAY too much yarn at Tangled Skeins, and got some black felt, some knitting needles, and two bundles of pretty pretty top to spin. And a freebie of some tangled sequin novelty yarn!

Anyway, that way too much yarn from Tangled Skeins was actually for a bunch of projects I intend to do quite quickly, for lo, I am going to felt. Saturday I knit an entire tea cozy--it is huge and in pieces on my dance studio floor. Sunday and yesterday I knit giant mittens. Sometime this week I will find my lingerie mesh bags, and these items will go in the washer with a pair of jeans while I close my eyes and pray to the knitting gods to be kind.

Pictures to follow of giant knit objets d'art.


Anonymous said...

My poor wheel hasn't seen much action lately.

Felting makes me very nervous every time I attempt it. Always seems to work out, though.

So I did indeed go to my first tribal class with Monique recently. (still attending cabaret with Bee too). Loved. it.

Good grief TF and ATS is cool. I was watching FCBD and Black Sheep on you tube...the improv and cueing etc....I was blown away. Wow. I'm also stalking The Indigo :) I've clearly been living under a rock.

Hell, I think the crafty costuming potential alone is motivation enough.

UberWench said...

Hee hee! If you ever want to try out ATS let me know--I teach it on Wednesday evenings. I am totally in love with how in sync everyone gets with ATS, and I love the cueing. So fun! AND I got to do a workshop with Kajira and Seba of Black Sheep!!!! They were both so sweet.

Anonymous said...

I was just email chatting with Steph (a little bit of happy blog) and heard that you were at Knitting Out Loud last night!

Sorry to have missed you! (I skipped this week to pick up an extra BD class for Friday's Hafla).