Sunday, March 02, 2008

Still no knitting.

I have indeed concentrated on bellydance for the last few weeks. I made some cowrie falls for a fellow dancer out of my handspun thick and thin slubby, and i knit a bit in my spare time on another Clapotis. However, I frogged that sucker--I had a disastrous needle fall out, and managed to miss picking up a stitch when trying to recover from it. Of course, I didn't really notice for oh, I don't know, eight rows? Gah. So I frogged the fucker and reballed the yarn. I am going to start over. It's goign to be my road trip scarf next weekend when my friend Danielle and I are driving to Montreal for a dance workshop.


Anonymous said...

All I have done lately is frog knitting. The casualties:
1. Fugly "Glee"
2. Did not understant mobius concept (cast on half amount of sts needed)
3. Drops Cardigan. 100 grams short. I am so stupid, I misread 800 grams as 800 metres. Not the same thing.

Clapotis is worth it if you can get there, though. My favourite FO ever.

P.S. The Sat show was fabulous. The dark side is calling me even though I'll never abandon my cabaret sequins.

UberWench said...

Mwahahahahaha! Thanks! Come to the dark side, it's pretty over here...

I've actually now started my second Clapotis, though it got frogged once when I lost a bunch of stitches and then decided it was too wide anyway, so WTF-ever.